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Performing Arts Images are releasing a limited set of 30 highly sought after NFTs.


These Digital works are sourced directly from the archive of the leading studio and theatre photographer Pamela Chandler. Her famous portraiture from the 1950s & 60s include Sean Connery, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charlotte Rampling, Jean Cocteau & many more.


This is your chance to own an NFT with full copyright and entitling the successful buyer to use the image commercially, build an income through licensing, or as art in your own metaverse space. When you own the copyright, the options are endless!


Our expertise in turning historic photography into collectible NFTs is impossible to recreate & replicate. Each image is meticulously scanned from the original negative allowing any natural degeneration to inform the skill of the photographer creating a unique piece of art!  The image negative will be sent from the UK with a certificate verifying ownership & the relevant metadata. 


Pamela Chandler’s work is in the National Portrait Gallery Permanent Collection, is it in yours?

DSC06477 (003).jpg

The Pamela Chandler (1928-1993) photo collection of the leading London based photographer

Pamela grew up in London, the daughter of the famous conjurer and ventriloquist Claude Chandler. After leaving Camden School for Girls she worked briefly as a film extra at various studios including Pinewood, Denham and Elstree before a chance meeting led to a photographic apprenticeship at the Landseer Photographic Studio in the heart of London’s West End. In 1949, at the age of 21, Pamela gained her Associateship to the Royal Photographic Society.

At that time Pamela was one of only a handful of female London society photographers working alongside notable contemporaries including Baron, Cecil Beaton, Angus McBean, Walter Nurnberg, Houston Rogers, Dorothy Wilding, Yevonde, Lotti Meitner-Graf, Antony Armstrong Jones, and Hans Wild.

Pamela’s distinctive style of portraiture using dramatic lighting to accentuate head and shoulder (and often hands), with minimum or no use of props soon established her name and reputation. Clients included authors, artists, actors, designers, industrialists, bankers, politicians, and nobility including Sean Connery, Mary Morris, John Kriza, David Wall, J.R.R. Tolkien and his wife Edith, Jill Bennett, Mary Morris, Wayne Sleep, Paul Scofield, Charlotte Rampling, Jean Cocteau, John Baxter, Sir Robert Helpmann, Dame Merle Park, Boris Uvarov, Robert Hardy, Joan Sims, Russell Thorndyke, Bertrand Russell, Keith Michell, John Gilpin, Peter Cushing, Gloria Welby Fisher, Julian Huxley, Violet Trefusis, Arthur David Waley, Sir Edward Houlton, and Kathleen Raine.

Through the 1950s and 1960s her work was also commissioned by many of the highly regarded ballet and theatre companies of the time, including American Ballet Theatre Company, London Festival Ballet, The Old Vic, Oxford Playhouse, Palace Theatre, Richmond Theatre, Theatre de Paris, Royal Ballet School, Royal Opera House, Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, POEL Theatre and Edwige Feuillere Company. Pamela took a particularly stunning series of photographs of dancers from the American Ballet Theatre.

In 1971, encouraged by her friends, artists Winifred and Kate Nicholson, she relocated to St Ives, Cornwall where she continued to photograph for a while longer, including taking a series of photographs of the poet Kathleen Raine, but by the mid-1970s, she decided to hang up her camera and branch out to work in other creative mediums.

Pamela died in 1993 and her selected works have been acquired and are being managed by Performing Arts Images in London.

Get your unique NFT now!


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